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Perino Trek

The falls of Perino are an impressive sight amongst the unspoiled natural landscape. They can be reached with a 2 hour (approximately) walk.

To begin the adventure, one takes the highway SS45 leaving from Casarossa in the direction of Bobbio. When you arrive at Perino turn left in the direction of Passo del Cerro, Bettola and Calenzano. You will come to an intersection. On one side it continues for Bettola while to the right it goes in the direction of Calenzano. Take the turn towards Calenzano and follow the signs to arrive in the town.  You will arrive in a small square with a fountain and from there follow the road to the old church and the cemetery (see photo 1). Here you are able to park cars and proceed on foot along a dirt road or enter directly into the track indicated by the red and white stripes of the CAI (the Italian Alpine Club - see photo 2). After some minutes of walking between fields (see photo 3) still being farmed despite the slope, between oak trees, acacias and spontaneous vegetation you will find the CAI sign for the falls (in Italian: cascate, see photo 4). Next follow the track which is by now in the forest (see photo 5) until you arrive at an ancient abandoned mill (see photo 6). From the mill, continue on the track signposted on the roof of the mill and you will arrive at the first waterfall (see photo 7). From there continue to follow the CAI signs. You may come to a point where there is a deviation in the track due to a slip. The alpine club will have signposted an alternative route.

After visiting the various falls and returning on the main track you will arrive at the last waterfall – one of the most beautiful (see photo 11). From here follow for a few minutes beside a field until you come to a crossroads. On the right you will see a CAI sign for Pradovera. On the left will be two big oak trees arranged like an exit signal. Take the left direction passing between the two oak trees and then after several minutes take another left onto a dirt road. In approximately 15 minutes this dirt road will bring you back to the ruins of the mill. From here the return path is easy.

This journey will take approximately 2 hours if made slowly with short breaks and it does not contain any very difficult or steep areas to traverse. Of course how long you spend gazing at the waterfalls is completely up to you!

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