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Piacenza Valleys

Casarossa is positioned between the hills of Piacenza, in the heart of the provence of Piacenza. The nearby valleys of Trebbia, Tidone, Nure, d’Arda, Chero and Chiavenna offer many incentives to explore the hilly terrain which is among the most varied and unique in Italy. The provence is Bordered in the north by the river Po, in the south west by Bobbio in the Trebbia Valley and the river Trebbia, and also numerous towns with pleasant valley views and natural trekking such as Pietra Perduca and Pietra Parcellara. To the east there is the Tidone Valley noted for the Valtidone music festival, castles and the many popular festivals. To the south east there is the Nure Valley that extends until Ferriere. This valley includes the lakes Moo, Bino and Nero. Then towards the east there is the Chiavenna Valley and the Chero Valley, including the Gropparello Castle which is ideal for children. Finally the D’arda Valley with it’s splendid nature, wine and food culture. It also includes many medieval villages such as Castell’arquato and Vigoleno.

It is surprising to discover, for Italy, just how many unspoiled natural places one comes across when walking the paths and tracks of the valleys. You can loose yourself in days of sunshine and observing unique undisturbed natural environments.

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