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Piacenza is one of the most important provence if you like visiting italian castle. In the round of Piacenza there are many villages and interesting place to discover .

The Trebbia valley has been descripted by Ernes Hemingway during 1915 as one of the most amazing .

The Trebbia River a few kilometers from Bobbio is a paradise. On the warm, sunny day in late
September when you arrive on the beach you will agreed . Clear, deep, aquamarine water stretched out in front of you with cliffs on both sides and small cataracts just upstream.  Dozens of trout darted about just below the surface, and in this period the pebble beach is yours.  
To get there from Casa Rossa you must start by Nivano.  The trip takes about 20 minutes and costs   When you get Bobbio you can buy some focaccia, cheese, and wine from any of the local markets for lunch, and fill you water bottles from a fountain just behind the small tourism booth.  Then to the best place of the river takes about 5 minutes by car following the main road from Bobbio.  After you cross over a long, high bridge begin looking for a small road on your right—there should be a metal arcway that marks it as a tourist location.  Here you can walk straight down to the the beach, or turn left and walk along a path that hugs the cliff side. By going left you leave the portion of the beach that is accessible by automobile and after a short walk arrive in the paradise.

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