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Only 1km from Casarossa one finds the enchanting village of Grazzano Visconti carefully restored in its original neo-gothic glory. In the village it is possible to find numerous artisan wrought iron stores. In fact, in Grazzano Visconti the tradition of wrought iron production is ancient. In addition, the village is an excellent starting point for many other touristic activities such as beautiful castles in the rolling hills of the Trebbia Valley.

7km from Casarossa lies the village of Rivalta. The quaint medieval centre of the village is dominated by an grand castle and the atmosphere is enriched by the locals who pass the evenings there together.

At approximately 25km from Casarossa one reaches the village of Bobbio, settled between the rolling (or in Italian sweet/dolce) hills of the Trebbia Valley. Here in Bobbio it is possible to visit one of the most important and ancient Italian monasteries, the Abbey of Saint Colombano (l’abbazia di San Colombano). Also in the area is the castle of Malaspina, the convent of San Francesco and the evocative ancient bridge across the Trebbia.

Approximately 30km from Casarossa is the village of Vigoleno, a fine example of Italian medieval restoration, and also the village of Castell’arquato.

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